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    Tucker® Pole Window Washers and Exterior Maintenance Systems - with various models to choose from






We celebrate our 69Th year of business in 2014. We are proud of I.L."Tommy" Tucker  contributions along with the various employees past and present, since 1945.  Tommy has been involved with Tucker Manufacturing Co., Inc., since our beginning in 1945, when his father, Irv founded our organization, here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa ...

We welcome your business in 2014...




12 Foot (3.7 meters) Models

Tucker ® Pole Systems

Model 48 to 83 (Method C, ASH, ADH or B)

An assist cord is furnished with all Model 48 to 83 Tucker ® Pole Systems.  The purpose of this cord is to aid in the raising and lowering of the brush to and from the window and in moving from window to window.

Above the 50 foot level, the length of the handle is so great it must be used with the handle parallel to the building to minimize sway.  The length of the window washer handle must be carefully adjusted on the ground from an actual measurement.   Guess will not do as you cannot step forward and backward from the building to adjust for handle length, as you can do when you are washing second or third floor windows.  The handle is too limber for such an adjustment.  You must stay close to the building, keeping the handle almost straight up.

Long handles cannot be raised the to window like an extension ladder, because there is too much bend.  Brush is raised and lowered with assist cord by a person on the roof, the person on the ground lifting the handle and walking to the butt end, parallel to the building (not perpendicular), as handle is raised.

Drop a weight cord from the highest window to the ground, tying a knot at the window sill.  Drop this cord to the ground and adjust the handle with it.   Starting with bottom section, adjust each section full length till near the top.   Then adjust to length of measured line, using all but the top section to which the brush is attached.  Then adjust the top section to half the height of the window.   (If window is 6 foot high, adjust the handle to 3 foot length).  REMINDER: Handle sections must appear in the safety hole point indicated on the section sticker.

Next, person on the roof drops end of assist cord to ground, where it is fastened to gooseneck.  Then the handle can be raised.  Generally it is easiest to pull the handle up when it is parallel to the building.  It may be pulled with brush at base of building and handle at right angels to it.

Generally, one window is washed and then rinsed.  This is a slow process, but makes for easier handling, as person on the ground cannot see much, but must work mostly by feel.  Washing and rinsing one window is more thorough.

MODELS 71 and 83 are in use all over the world, but they require a little study and understanding of the operation.  They are faster and safer than erecting scaffolding on windows that could be washed in no other way.

*** DO NOT ***

Do not use in the wind, or in the hot sun.  DO NOT USE NEAR ELECTRIC WIRES.  There is no safe way of insulating handle or person.  If the handle will reach wires.  DO NOT USE!  Contact with high voltage could result in instant electrocution.  A water fed pole, regardless of the material it is constructed from, should never be used near Electric Wires.  Please consult the IWCA/ANSI I-14.1 Standard as an additional guide on window cleaning safety.

If ground slopes, start at bottom of slop, and work upward, adjusting handle length as necessary.

Very Long Windows may require two passes to wash, in this case, adjust for top half, after all window tops are washed, adjust to bottom half and complete the windows.

If windows do not open, drop a line from  roof to window sill, tie knot, then drop to ground, tie knot, distance between knots is distance of sill to ground.

12 Foot Section Poles are firm sales and not returnable!  We do not offer any type of trial program for Models 48 to 83.

Suggestion: Hands Free 2-way radios will make the job easier and safer.   (Stores like Radio Shack in the USA have models that range from US$ 70.00 to US$ 150.00).

This is a brief description of the 12 foot models:

In general, the Model 48 through Model 83 Tucker® Window Washer System is a 2 to 3 person operation.

Key Benefits

bulletOperator can work from the ground, without the use of ladders or scaffolding
bulletReach windows beyond 45 feet with the 12 foot models
bulletDetergent can be incorporated with the Method C or B detergent dispenser


Telescopic Pole with a sectional features ...
The product is telescopic, but handle sections can be added or removed, providing a sectional feature.
A variety of features the the Tucker Pole ...
Goosenecks up to 36 inches are available; along with variety of brushes to choose from.
When using a new model for the first time ...
Start at a short distance, such as 30 feet and learn the proper technique, before you work at higher heights. 

Reference Accounts

Sidney Opera House ...
The Tucker Pole 12 Foot Models have been used to clean a famous part of the Sidney, Australia skyline.
Used by a variety of facility managers in the educational markets ...
A popular model used on college and university campuses throughout the USA.
Used by a variety of facility managers in the hospitality industry ...
Whether it be a theme park venue, stadium or hotel, motel or resort.


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