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    Tucker® Pole Window Washers and Exterior Maintenance Systems - with various models to choose from



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We celebrate our 69Th year of business in 2014. We are proud of I.L."Tommy" Tucker  contributions along with the various employees past and present, since 1945.  Tommy has been involved with Tucker Manufacturing Co., Inc., since our beginning in 1945, when his father, Irv founded our organization, here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa ...

We welcome your business in 2014...




Tucker® Brand Products

Tucker introduced the Tucker Pole over fifty years ago, when it took the principles of its car-home washer and made its first Tucker® High-Level Window Washer.  The original water fed pole to be produced for the market to reach,  wash and clean  windows and other surfaces..

Tucker Pole is use on a building in Saudi Arabia.

Tucker® Pole Window Washer Systems 

What began as the Tucker® High-Level Window Washer in 1957 ...

Tucker® Pole Exterior Maintenance Systems

Sometimes we need to clean more than just windows ...


When you need a little help getting over that ledge or around that corner ...


Tucker offers a variety of specialty brushes for a variety of applications ...

Water Treatment

Our source water often needs a little help, so we can eliminate spots in rinse ...


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Our regular business hours are Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Standard Time in the United States of America.  Our business address is 613 Second Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 USA.  Our phone number is 1-319-363-3591 and our fax number is 1-319-366-7792. 
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